Micro Greens

We have been growing Micro Greens for over six years.

 Micro greens are living herbs and greens grown hydroponically in biodegradable pots and delivered to you vibrant, alive and still growing.

 These baby plants are packed with concentrated nutritional compounds, and provide a punch of fresh intense flavour to salads, sandwiches and garnishes,
guaranteed to elevate your creation to a work of art.

Our extensive range of Micro Greens is grown in the fresh air, so will be hardier and more robust than those grown in artificial environment.

 We suggest you keep your micro greens in a little water in a well-lit position such as in a saucer of water on the kitchen window ledge. Snip as required.

 Micro greens are sown thickly in a soil-less medium for quick and delicious harvest of the young shoots and are not well suited for planting out in the garden.